Tucka - Don't Make Me Beg
Lacee - Juicy Lips (Live)
Lebrado - Let's Party
J.J. Caillier - Return 2 Sender
Nathaniel Kimble - Clap Your Hands (Live)
Georgi'O - You Are My Lady (Live)
Special Formula Band - In the Stone
Adonis Reed aka Bigg Sexxy
Brian Jack - Gotta Find My Woman
DJ Trucka
Jeff Floyd - You Had It All (Live)
Nelson Curry - Sugaa Shack
Tyree Neal - Live @ Big Easy Blues
J-Wonn 24/7
Step Rideau & The Zydeco Outlaws
Leon Chavis - Ride on It
Summer Wolfe - Slippin'
Fat Daddy - The Blame
Mr. Campbell - My Cake
Ghetto Cowboy - Hold my Trembling Hand

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